The Unique Story of Abu Abdullah Al-Andalusi (RA)

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For the intelligent, an indication is sufficient…Subhanallah, this story is filled with so many lessons for everyone. Please read it with the intention to learn the lessons from the life of Shaikh Abu Abdullah Al-Andalusi (RA), and also the character of his devoted and loyal students. I pray that Allah grants every reader the tawfeeq to benefit from this and to protect us all from any tests of this sort. Aameen.

Note: Since this is not a formal Arabic written entry, the rules of Arabic have not been enforced such as in the name of the Shaykh, etc.

In Baghdad, the seat of the Islamic State, was a pious saint by the name of Abu Abdullah Al-Andalusi. He was a well-known scholar and muhaddith and twelve thousand disciples sat at his feet. He knew thirty thousand ahadith by heart, and could recite the Quran in all the various modes of Qiraat.

On a certain occasion he was going on a journey and was accompanied with a large crowd of attendants among whom were the well-known Junayd Baghdadi and Shaikh Shibli Rahimahumullah.

Shaikh Shibli continues the story: Our caravan was travelling along safely and comfortably with the grace of Allah, until we passed by an area where Christians were residing. When we reached the Christian village, we searched for water but could not find any. We went about the village and discovered that there were many churches, temples of sun-worship and synagogues. Some of the people worshipped idols and others prayed to the cross. We were amazed at their condition.

We passed all this and reached the outskirts of the village where we found a well and a few girls drawing water for people to drink. Amongst these girls was one who was exceedingly beautiful. She wore a gold necklace around her neck. When Shaikh Abu Abdullah saw her the colour of his face changed. The Shaikh asked the other girls who she was.

They replied: “This is the daughter of the ruler of this village.”
The Shaikh replied: “But, why has her father dishonoured her by leaving her to give people water to drink?”
The girls replied: “Her father has done this so that when she marries she will be able to honour and serve her husband. He does not want her to become boastful of her status.”

The Shaikh sat down with his head bent forward and remained silent. For three days he did not eat or drink. He would only perform his Salaah. His disciples and companions did not know what to do or say.

Shaikh Shibli says : ‘I decided to speak to him. I approached him and said, “O Shaikh, your disciples and companions are perplexed with your silence for the last three days. Please speak to us.”

The Shaikh replied: “O people, know that my heart has become filled with love for the girl I saw the other day. It is not possible for me under any circumstances to leave from here.”

Shaikh Shibli replied: “Our leader! You are the spiritual guide of Iraq. Your piety is well-known far and wide. Your disciples number over twelve thousand. By the sanctity of the Noble Quran do not bring disgrace to us and them.”

The Shaikh replied: “O people, my lot has already been sealed by fate. I am nothing. The cloak of sainthood has been removed from me and the signs of guidance have been taken away from me.”

Saying this the Shaikh began weeping bitterly. “Proceed and leave me alone. My fate has been sealed,” he told them.

We were astonished. We begged Allah for His protection and we cried until the land beneath our feet became wet with our tears.

We returned to Baghdad. When the people heard of our return, they arrived in large numbers at the outskirts of the city to meet the Shaikh. They saw that he was not with us and asked where he was. We told them the entire story. Many of his disciples died out of grief when they heard of his condition. Others cried in sorrow and disbelief. Many begged Allah to guide the Shaikh to the right path and return him to them. All his places of instruction and preaching were closed down.

We remained in this sad condition for one full year. Finally, I, together with a few companions decided to visit the village again and find out how our Shaikh was doing. When we reached the village we asked regarding him and were told that he was in the woods looking after pigs. We asked: “What has happened?” We were told that he had proposed for the girl in marriage. But, the girl’s father had refused saying that her suitor had to meet certain conditions : he had to follow the same religion as her, he had to become a servant in the church and he had to look after the pigs. The Shaikh had fulfilled all these conditions and was currently seeing to the pigs.

“With broken hearts and tears streaming down our eyes, we went to the woods to find him. He was standing amongst the pigs. Around his waist was a string of beads. On his head was the traditional Christian hat. He stood leaning on the staff that he once used to lean on when delivering the sermon in the mihraab!

When he saw us he bowed his head in shame. We came nearer and said, “Assalaamu Alaikum.” He replied: “Wa Alaikumus salaam”.

Shaikh Shibli then asked: “O Shaikh, what is all this? What has happened to you? What has happened to all your knowledge and virtue?”

The Shaikh replied: “My dear friend and brothers, I am now no longer in control. Whatever Allah has desired for me, has come to pass. I was once amongst His beloved ones. Now He has thrown me very far away from His door. O Beloved ones of Allah, beware of being rejected and distanced from Allah. O Beloved ones of Allah, beware of Allah’s anger and being cut off from Him.”

Then turning towards the heavens he said: “O my Lord, I never expected such treatment from You.” Then he began crying bitterly and appealing to Allah.

Shaikh Shibli also begged Allah in a loud voice : “Only from you do we seek help. Upon You only do we rely. By Your grace, remove this difficulty from us! We have been overcome. Only you can save us!”

When the pigs heard our crying they began to rub their heads in the sand and began to yell so loudly that the mountains appeared to wail. Shaikh Shibli says : “I thought Qiyaamah had come.” The Shaikh continued to cry uncontrollably.

Shaikh Shibli continues: We said to him : “Shaikh, why don*t you return with us to Baghdad?” The Shaikh replied : “How can I? I have to see to the pigs, although I once saw to the hearts of men!”

I asked the Shaikh : “You were a Haafiz of Quraan and you could recite the seven modes of Qiraat. Do you remember anything of the Quraan?”

The Shaikh answered : “I have forgotten everything except two verses of the Quraan: ‘He who Allah disgraces, none can grant him honour. Allah does as He wishes.’ And, secondly, the verse, ‘He who chooses kufr (disbelief) over Imaan (faith) he has certainly gone astray.’

I asked : “You knew thirty thousand ahadith of Nabi Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam. Do you still remember any?”

He answered : “Only one: ‘One who leaves his faith, kill him!’ ”

Amazed at his condition, we left the Shaikh and headed for Baghdad. However, after we had walked for three days we suddenly saw the Shaikh in front of us. He was coming out of a river, where he had just performed a bath. In a loud voice he proclaimed the shahaadah: “I bear witness that there is none worthy of worship besides Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam is His messenger.”

We could not control our joy and happiness when we saw him. He asked us for some pure clothing which he then wore. He then performed Salaah. We expressed our gratitude to Allah for returning him to us and we asked him what had happened to him.

He replied : “When you left me, I turned to Allah with my former love and affection for Him : ‘O my Protector, I am a sinner and a transgressor.’ Allah forgave me and covered me in His mercy.”

We asked him : “But, why were you put through such an intense trial?”

The Shaikh replied: “When we arrived in the village and saw the temples, synagogues and churches I thought to myself: ‘These people are nothing compared to me. I believe and worship one Allah.’ At that moment I heard a voice from within me saying: ‘This Iman that you have, is not due to your goodness in any way. If you so wish, We will show you right now.’ Immediately I felt as if something left my heart and flew away. That was my Imaan leaving me.”

Shaikh Shibli says: “We were overjoyed. Our caravan arrived in Baghdad with great joy. The Shaikh’s places of teaching and preaching were reopened. In a short while his students numbered over forty thousand. Allah again returned to him his knowledge of Quraan and Hadith and blessed him with further knowledge.” (Al-Mustatraf Fi Kulli Fann An-Mustadhraf)

A Blessing or Punishment?

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Sometimes, a sickness, disease, etc. comes in the form of a blessing and sometimes in the form of an Azaab (punishment). For a Mu’min, it is a blessing and mercy if it causes him to turn towards Allah Ta’ala.

I will conclude with an incident that occurred a few years ago. I went to visit a person who was suffering from cancer. On entering his room, I found him surrounded by 3 television sets – one to his right, one to his left and one in front of him. This was, indeed, very surprising … a sick person in extreme pain who could well be in his last moments, in such a situation.

On inquiry, his relatives explained, that due to his being confined to bed, it became necessary to turn him in these 3 positions; sometimes left, sometimes right, otherwise flat on his back. The 3 sets were placed in such a manner so that he would not miss any part of the program being watched.

If in that sickness, which was meant to have brought us to the door of Allah Ta’ala, we continue to indulge in sins and more so, then who do we blame for the problems which we thereafter have to face?

May Allah Ta’ala protect us all from loosing trust and faith in Him.

- Tafweez by Hazrat Mawlana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahib (RA)

The Passing on of a Great Sufi Master

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Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar (rahmatullahi alayh)

By Mufti Siraj Desai, 5 June 2013

On Sunday 22 Rajab (2 June 2013) a great luminary on the firmament of Islamic Spirituality was lost to the Ummah: Aarif Billah, Hazrat Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar sahib (rahmatullahi alayh). The passing on of this great Wali of Allah leaves yet another vacuum in the lives of Muslims that shall never be filled.  Rasoolullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) predicted that among the signs of Qiyaamat will be the passing away of Ulema and thereby, the removal of Knowledge from this world. I deem it appropriate to cite the hadith the whole hadith here.

“Verily Allah shall not take remove knowledge by snatching it out of the hearts of Ulema; instead knowledge shall disappear with the passing away of Ulema, until not a single Aalim will remain. Then people will take ignorant leaders (as guides). These ignoramuses shall issue iftaa without any knowledge. They will go astray and lead others astray as well.”

Aarif Billah Hazrat Moulana Shah Hakim Mohammad Akhtar (R) is arguably one of the most influential Sufi Shaikhs of current times. Hazrat’s real name is Mohammad Akhtar but  he was more popularly known as Hakim Akhtar because of a degree he held in Hikmat (Eastern Medicine), although Hazrat never reportedly operated a full time clinic or medical practice. Born in 1928 in the (then) undivided India, Hazrat was raised attending regular school and studied ‘Tib’ (Oriental Medicine) at A.K. Tibiyya College, Allahabad.

Since his early ages he had a natural inclination towards Tasowwuf and the Masnawi of Maulana Jalal al-Din Rumi RA. Having a strong affiliation towards the Deobandi tradition of Islamic scholars and recognizing the importance of Tariqat in his youth, he traversed the path under the guidance of Maulana Shah Mohammad Ahmed Partab Garhi (Rehmatullah Alailh), Maulana Shah Abdul Ghani Phoolpoori (Rehmatullah Alailh), and latterly Maulana Shah Abrarul Haq (Rehmatullah Alailh).

Hazrat spent 17 years of his youth with Maulana Shah Abdul Ghani, his spiritual mentor), in the small Indian town of Azam Garh. Hazrat completed his formal Islamic studies during his stay with his Shaikh Hazrat Abdul-Ghani (Rehmatullah Alailh). After the death of Shah Abdul Ghani (Rehmatullah Alailh) he took bayt with Maulana Shah Abrarul Haq sahib (Rehmatullah Alailh). He was granted khilaafat (authority to initiate Mureeds) by his second mentor in the Spiritual Orders of Ashrafia, Chistiyyah, Naqshbandiyah, Qadiriyah and Suharwardiyah.

Hazrat Hakim Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (ra) is the author of a large number of books on various subjects, but specialised in ‘Tasawwuf’ and the Ma’rifat  or recognition of Allah Ta’ ala. His commentary on the Masnawi Shareef of Moulana Jalalud-Deen Rumi (RA.) has been hailed by great Ulama such as Moulana Yusuf Binori Saheb (RA.), Shaikh Zakaria Saheb (R.A.), Moulana Manzoor Nomani Saheb (RA.) and Moulana Shah Abrarul Haq Rehmatullah alaih (his own Shaikh), as a commentary that ignites the love of Allah Ta’ ala and that has deep effect on the hearts of the readers.

He has thousands of Mureeds in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, America, England, Canada, South Africa, Reunion and many other parts of the world. The spiritual benefit derived by those who spent some time in his company, sincerely desiring reformation, is clearly evident in their transformed lifestyles. The fact that great Ulama and many Ustaads of Hadith and Tafsir, who are themselves of a high spiritual rank, took the Bay’at at his hands, is a clear indication of his esteemed rank and profound knowledge of Deen.
Hazrat Moulana Hakim Muhammad Akhtar Saheb’s (R) visited South Africa on two occasions, as well as many other countries of the world. His discourses were spiritually rejuvenating to both the young and the old, who flocked in large numbers to listen to his inspiring talks on various subjects.

Hazrat Hakeem sahib (RA) possessed mastery in composing poetry in the Urdu language that encapsulated the essence of Tasowwuf as well as other concepts of Quran and Sunnah. And that is not all; the poetry itself is inspirational and heart-rending. I believe this to be a clear sign of spiritual endowment from Almighty Allah.

May Allah Ta’ala grant him the highest stages in Paradise, and place him eternally in the realm of His Loved ones – aameen.

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A Connection With Allah Cannot Be Established Merely From Books

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Hazratwala (RA) mentioned:

Many things are are not acquired merely from books but rather they are acquired through listening.  For example, a mother teaches her infant the proper way of addressing its father by telling the child, “Say dad, say dad.”  Similarly when one sits with the Ahlullah, their ears secretly steal.  They listen to the nice things told to them and take it all in.  Then the ears of their soul hear and this enables their souls to proclaim the zikr of Allah by saying “Allah, Allah!”  The mother wants that her child learn to say “dad” quickly so that when the child lifts its small hands up and says “dad”, then that will stir up a great sense of mercy within the father.  Likewise, the Prophets (AS) and awliyaa’ desire that the servants of Allah quickly learn to say “Rabba” so that their Rabba enshrouds them with His mercy.  In a similar vein, think of this that the child whose mother passes away, is not able to call out to its father by saying “dad” because the mother is not present to teach the child to do so.  Therefore, it is imperative that one considers one’s spiritual guide and the life of the spiritual guide a blessing and learn from him how to properly call out to our Rabba, otherwise after the passing of the spiritual guide, one will not be able to say Rabba later.


His Yearning Comes to Fruition

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It is with the utmost sadness that I write this post informing the readers of the passing away of my beloved shaykh, Hazratwala Hazrat-e-Aqdas ‘Arif Billah Shaykh-ul-’Arab-wal-’Ajam Mawlana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahib (RA).  Hazratwala (RA) had been quite ill and then there was a glimpse of hope where his condition was improving, but alas, the preacher of the love of Allah was called by his Beloved to the abode of eternal bliss.  Hazratwala (RA) passed away around maghrib time on June 2nd, 2013, corresponding to the 23rd of Rajab 1434.  His funeral prayer was led by his illustrious son Hazrat Mawlana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Mazhar Sahib (DB).

Hakeem-ul-Islam Hazrat Mawlana Qari Muhammad Tayyib Sahib (RA) once mentioned that even the passing away of our seniors is in a way a mercy.  Hazratwala (RA) has been continuously ill for 13 years after suffering from a stroke in May of 2000.  Initially many people were broadcasting the news of Hazratwala’s (RA) passing and rightfully so.  This feeble one was so dumbfounded by the news that I found myself in a state of bewilderment.  I was at a loss for words and did not know how to react apart from keeping to myself and making dua’ for my beloved shaykh (RA).

Hazrat’s (RA) passing, for the ummah as a whole generally, and for his mureedeen specifically, is such a catastrophe that an infinite number of words cannot articulate the level of sorrow that is felt.  After the news reached me, I have continually felt that I am stuck in a vast desert, which has no sign of shade and shelter for leagues to come.

Hazrat (RA) was a manifestation of Allah’s mercy on this earth.  He was the epitome of kindness.  Whoever had come into contact with him, even for a brief moment, left with this etched in their memory forever.  He was a mujaddid in the field of tasawwuf and had spearheaded reforms in the science of tazkiyah and ihsaan.  He truly was a sun in the galaxy of the stars of the Thanwi silsilah.

Although the trauma from his passing is extremely severe, we have learned from Hazrat (RA) that Allah is both Hakim and Hakeem.  Allah is has the most mercy towards His servants; more than any human can have for another.  His every action is full of wisdom and benefit.  No one comes in this world to live here forever.  Death comes to knock at everyone’s door, whether they are the Prophets (AS), the Sahabah (RA), or even the greatest saint.  However, it is the bounty of Allah that even though our eyes are moist, we obey the commandment of Allah and recite the istirjaa’, which holds within it a great reward for its mere recital.

To adequately write about Hazratwala (RA) would require a separate lengthy publication, and at the moment those that are connected to Hazrat (RA) are so heartbroken that they lack the strength to lift a pen to write about it.  At this point it is requested from the readers that they pray for Hazrat (RA) that Allah grants him complete maghfirah, elevates Hazrat to the highest stages of proximity to Him, and that He grants his family sabr jameel, and that Allah grants us the tawfeeq to implement his teachings in our lives.



Update: Hazratwala’s (DB) Health

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Update regarding Hazratwala’s (DB) health: 1145pm: Alhamdulillah, his health is better than before. Pulse and other vitals are close to normal. Doctors are still working and monitoring. Keep praying for complete health and recovery.

Dua’ Request for the Health of Hazratwala (DB)

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اَلسَّلاَمُ عَلَيْكُمْ وَرَحْمَةُ اللهِ وَبَرَكَاتُهُ

Everyone (Khas o ‘Aam) is requested to make special dua for the health of Hazratwala (DB). Hazratwala (DB) became severly ill due to high temperature and severe weakness.

Everyone is requested to  offer Salatul Haajah and make dua’ for Hazrat wala’s (DB) health and recovery.

For more updates, one can contact Khanqah Imdadia Ashrafia, on these numbers 9221-34975658,9221-34975758

Spread this message to all people.

Jazakallahu khayran,


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