Islamic Manners Transform Life into Servitude

Hazrat Shaikh (DB) says, “The circle of adab (etiquette) is very vast. In this vastness is the respect of the place, respect of the book, and respect of the personality. Respect of the place refers to those Islamic rules that govern the particular area in which a person may be. For example, if a person is in the masjid, then they need to respect the rules and rights of the masjid. There should not be any mention of the dunya (world) therein. What is meant by respect of the book is that it should be considered to be our teacher and should be honored and revered, just as our teachers are. Respect of the personality means that however we are linked to a particular person, our behavior with them should be based on the dictates of Islam. For example, the father should be given the position of respect he deserves, likewise the teacher, the Shaikh, etc…Each person should be dealt with based on their respective position in relation to you. There are Islamic etiquettes of worship, transactions, living life, eating, drinking, etc…Implementing Islamic etiquettes in these areas will transform our lives from just normal lives into lives of the servitude of Allah, otherwise our lives will be nothing but shame. — “Zindagi be bandagi sharmindagi”

Baatein Unki Yaad Rahengi pg.33-34

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One Comment on “Islamic Manners Transform Life into Servitude”

  1. Abu Yahya Says:

    This statement reminds me of one of the malfoozat of Sayyidut-Ta`ifah. Junaid Baghdadi (rahimahullah) who said: “Zid fil akhlaq, fa innaka in zidta fil-akhlaqi faqad zidta fit TASAWWUF…”

    “Increase yourself good character and Islamic manners for if you increase in character then you will have increased in Tasawwuf…”


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