Laughing and Crying

Our Shaikh said,

“To forget about Allah and laugh is a crime, and to forget about Allah and cry is also a crime. For example, if a person cries in the memory of a non-mahram (any person of the opposite gender with whom marriage is permissible) then that person is a criminal in the court of Allah, and that person’s tears are worse than the urine of a donkey because the curse of Allah is descending on those tears. Thus to cry in the remembrance of Allah is an act of worship, and also to laugh in the remembrance of Allah is also an act of worship.”

Ataa-e-Rabbaani pg.35

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2 Comments on “Laughing and Crying”

  1. zia Says:

    pl clearify the word non mahram

  2. zia Says:

    pl clearify non mahram

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