Differene Between Real Lovers and Fake Lovers

Our Shaikh said,

“All I have to say is learn to sacrifice, and to die (not necessarily physically, but figuratively) for Him out of love and yearning. Those who die (yearn) for Allah, in this world they are given a whole new life that has no parallel. This new life has no parallel (mithl) because that person is dying and sacrificing himself for that being who is unparalleled (laa mithla lahu). So, now Allah will make his new life unparalleled in terms of enjoyment and contentment. He will feel such a sweet flavor in his heart and feel such closeness to Allah that no tongue can even begin to describe. But what can be said of the lovers of this world…what an evil end and fate they have to face. These poor souls did not guard their gazes from the “first floor” of the beauties of this world. They stared with lust at the faces and eyes of non-mahram women (those women with whom marriage is permissible) and, consequently, Shaitaan pushed them to the “ground floor” and they are now stuck in the gutters. Even those women who they look at curse them saying, “What a khabeeth (vile/lewd), doesn’t he fear Allah! Why is he after me?” They earn great titles such as khabeeth. If ever they fall into a problem, that same girl they lust after will say this is all because of your evil actions and sins. If this fool stays up all night crying due to separation from that girl, then most likely the girl will not even have a clue and will not know and probably not even care. On the other hand, there is our Allah. If a single tear drops out of love for Allah, it is recorded, noted and appreciated. If a person remembers Allah in their heart, then too Allah is aware of it because Allah is everywhere all the time as He says, “And He is with you wherever your are” (Surah Hadeed, Ayah 4). Allah is ‘Aleem: All-Knowing. He knows what is in the hearts of men. Compare this to the result of illicit lustful relationships. What type of “love” is this that the lover is crying all night and the so-called beloved is sleeping the night away. What a disgrace! There is no degradation greater than this, that a person will leave Allah and sacrifice their life for someone who will grow old and ugly and eventually perish and die, whereas Allah is eternal and everlasting. So protect yourselves from illicit so-called love!”

Altaaf e Rabbaani pg. 82-83

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One Comment on “Differene Between Real Lovers and Fake Lovers”

  1. Abu Yahya Says:

    May Allah Ta`ala give Hazratwala great rewards in this world and in the hereafter… it is through these unique and inspiring advices that he has harnessed this love of “Layla” to the love of Maula! He has taught us to look beyond this temporary beauty and attain the everlasting Majesty of Allah… what he terms as Ishq-e-Haqiqi (true love)… Love the eternal being of Allah.

    One time Hazrat yold us, “This beautiful, young, sweet-16, drop-dead gorgeous girl for which you are leaving your prayers and your religious and worldly obligations because of… for whom you are leaving Allah because of… this beauty for which you will not hesitate to spend all your wealth and money on her… if you were to see her when she is 80 years old, admitted to the hospital bed…urinating and defecating in diapers… big, thick glasses on her previously “intoxicating eyes”… huge bald spot in the center of her forehead where there was previously long, flowing, fragrant (jet-black)hair… at that moment when she takes out her dentures from her toothless, drooling mouth to tell you to bring her a simple glass of water… you would probably say: “sorry gramma I don’t have time for you!”

    Subhanallah! This is the reality of what you were sacrificing life and limb over. You wasted your youth over this?! If you would have preserved your youth and given it to Allah, Allah would have given you the honor of both worlds.

    May Allah Ta`ala grant us the reality of this…and grant us the ability to sacrifice our haram pleasures for Him. AMEEN.

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