Independent of Temporal Beauty

Our Shaikh said,

“Allah has given the planet earth one moon. The moon helps us to calculate dates and times and other things. Scientists have mentioned that other planets have two moons, and others have multiple moons. But the planet Mercury does not have a moon because it is so close to the sun that it is always being illuminated by the light from the sun. Similarly, those servants of Allah who have attained a degree of proximity with Allah, those that have nisbah (a relationship) with Allah, those that are illuminated with the noor and light of Allah 24/7, are free and independent of the temporal (physical) beauty of this world. Their hearts possess such a strong level of noor and light, which removes the need for temporal beauty from their hearts to such and extent that they don’t even seek it in others.”

In’aamaat e Rabbaani pg. 79

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