Attaching the Heart to Temporary Beauty

Our Shaikh said,

“Just as the stars are spread out in the sky, so are the stars of beauty spread out on earth. They will all perish. Refrain from your foolishness. If someone wants to see an international fool, he should look at the one who stares at temporary beauty. I am not saying this. Hazrat Thanwi (Rahimahullah) says that every sinner is a fool but the sinner of the gaze is the leader of all the fools. He is the leader of the fools because he will not achieve anything except a burning sensation in his heart and making it uneasy. He is committing adultery of the eyes. If he spoke, then he has committed adultery of the tongue. He is speaking unnecessarily with her by saying, “Madam, where is your house? What part of town do you live in?” What is the need to speak like this to the lady? While you are committing haram, your carnal self is destroying you. Think of the fact that Allah is watching you. How can the one who is consciously aware that Allah is watching him, ever cast a haram glance?

One should be aware all the time that Allah is watching me, and that Allah is watching my watching i.e. my gaze. It should not be so that at the airport you completely neglect an old woman while you carry the bag of an attractive lady and even complete her paperwork and forms. You tell her that you an expert at serving passengers. Is she the only passenger? There are other passengers as well. In whatever work you do, realize that Allah is watching you. He knows the secrets of the heart.

Remember that Allah is not in need of an x-ray.”

Taken from a lecture titled, Maqsad-e-Hayat (The Purpose of Life)


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One Comment on “Attaching the Heart to Temporary Beauty”

  1. Abu Yahya Says:

    Just to clarify, “sinner of the gaze” and “haram glance”… they refer to the person who has the evil habit of watching pornography on the internet, or elsewhere, or just looking/searching for attractive faces and bodies whenever he/she gets the chance…

    “Haram glance” is that intentional, lustful glance at any woman or man… Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) told Ali (radhiallahu anhu) fa inna lakal oolaa wa laisat lakal akhirah… the first (unintentional glance) is for you (in other words; it will not be held against you) as for the second glance, it will be held against you in the court of Allah.

    Unfortunately, this sin has become so common that we are doing it persistently without even realsing that it is such a grave sin. Some people are led so astray by shaytan that evil glances are justified by them just by calling the woman or man they are casting evil glances upon, brother so and so, or sister so and so…

    Shaytan has made them think that once you have called someone “brother” or “sister” now you can freely converse, intermingle and enjoy exchanging views on the “Islamic” conference they are attending.

    May Allah Ta`ala guide us to the straight path. AMEEN…

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