From the Love of “Layla” to the love of Maula

These comments made by our beloved Maulana Tameem Sahib were so wonderful, I thought they deserved to be a post on its own.

Commenting on the post regarding real and fake lovers, Maulana Tameem Sahib said the following,

“May Allah Ta`ala give Hazratwala great rewards in this world and in the hereafter… it is through these unique and inspiring advices that he has harnessed this love of “Layla” (any attractive female) to the love of Maula! He has taught us to look beyond this temporary beauty and attain the everlasting Majesty of Allah… what he terms as Ishq-e-Haqiqi (true love)… Love the eternal being of Allah.

One time Hazrat told us, “This beautiful, young, sweet-16, drop-dead gorgeous girl for which you are leaving your prayers and your religious and worldly obligations because of… for whom you are leaving Allah because of… this beauty for which you will not hesitate to spend all your wealth and money on her… if you were to see her when she is 80 years old, admitted to the hospital bed…urinating and defecating in diapers… big, thick glasses on her previously “intoxicating eyes”… huge bald spot in the center of her forehead where there was previously long, flowing, fragrant (jet-black)hair… at that moment when she takes out her dentures from her toothless, drooling mouth to tell you to bring her a simple glass of water… you would probably say: “sorry grandma I don’t have time for you!”

Subhanallah! This is the reality of what you were sacrificing life and limb over. You wasted your youth over this?! If you would have preserved your youth and given it to Allah, Allah would have given you the honor of both worlds.

May Allah Ta`ala grant us the reality of this…and grant us the ability to sacrifice our haram pleasures for Him. Aameen!


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2 Comments on “From the Love of “Layla” to the love of Maula”

  1. The personalities like Hazrat Hakim Akhtar Sahab are very rare in this era…Hazrat Hakim Akhtar sahab is a wali like 500 years old aulia-e-kraam

    may ALLAH give us tofeeq to get sohbat of him…

  2. Abu Yahya Says:

    All the statements writen above in, “From the Love of Layla to the Love of Maula” are all the pearls and gems of my beloved spiritual mentor: Arif Billah Maulana Hakim Muhammad Akhtar Sahib… May Allah Ta`ala grant us the ability to learn and teach His deen in a presentable and attractive manner and represent the teachings of our Masha`ikh and Akabir in a way that suits the needs of the respective communities and societies in which we live in and serve. AMEEN…

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