The Level of Annihilation is Higher than the Level of Sincerity

Hazrat Maulana Shah Abdul Ghani Phoolpuri (RA) said,

“There is a level higher than ikhlaas (sincerity), and that level is fanaa’iyah (annihilation). The explanation of this is that even in a state of ikhlaas, there is some sense of self-reflection. Even though this is not blameworthy because those good deeds that emanate from our limbs are to be understood as a bounty from Allah, but nonetheless, these limbs are linked to us and we are aware of this feeling. However this state is not necessarily bad.

The level of fanaa’iyah is higher because, in this state, one does not even have a realization of one’s self nor of any qualities related to one’s self. Just like a candle in the brightness of the daylight considers itself not insignificant, but rather non-existent. So the light of the candle in comparison to the light of the sun is so weak, the way it shies away from even being taken into consideration. So what then, must be the level of the true light of the sun i.e. that Noor-e-Aaftaab-e-Haqeeqi!

Taken from Ma’rifat-e-Ilaahiyah pg. 364

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