Taqwa is the Key Wilaayah

Shaikh Tameem so kindly narrates to us some sayings of our Shaikh…

“It is extremely important that there be a site where sin and the remedy to sin is dealt with and explained. It is this obstacle which keeps a person from attaining the love and friendship of Allah Ta`ala.

My beloved Shaikh Hazrat Hakeem Sahib (daamat barakaatuhum) always says: “If a person prays no tahajjud, makes no nafl ibadaat whatsoever, rather he performs all his faraa’iz, wajibaat, and sunan-e-mu`akkadah; but along with this he does not indulge in a single act of disobedience, then he will definitely be a friend of Allah.

But, if a person does a hundred thousand zikrs and overloads himself with nafl ibadaat and tahajjud, but at the same time, casts lustful glances at unlawful women and men, and pornographic sites and pictures, then he will never become a friend of Allah. Rather this person cannot even dream of the friendship of Allah. He will always remain deprived and will be wondering (foolishly) why he has not attained Allah’s love: “Maybe I need to make more ibaadat?”

Rather, to attain His friendship, one needs to abstain from sin as Allah Ta`ala says: “Lo! The friends of Allah, they have no fear, neither shall they grieve. They are those have believed and they fear Him [by abstaining from sins]… (Sura Yunus)”

-Comments from Shaikh Tameem, Khalifah Mujaz-e-Bay’at of Hazrat Hakeem Sahib (DB)


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