How to Visit the Pious

“There are etiquettes of visiting the pious and the servants of the pious.  If these manners are kept in tact, then the visit will be full of benefit.  For example, come to them with a clean heart and with sincerity.  Honor and respect them as they duly deserve.  Make taubah or istighfaar become visiting them, that way the heart will be cleansed.  Hidayat is attained through the sight of the heart.  When the heart is able to see clearly it can then ascertain true guidance.

You see that a person who wears glasses and wants to look at something they like, examine what they do at that moment.  First they will take their glasses off and wipe and clean the lenses with a soft cloth. This is done so that the person can see with full clarity, and that whatever dust or dirt may be on the lenses does not interfere.  Similarly, when when we want to go to visit the people of Allah and sit in their company, and to reform ourselves through their advice, then firstly we need clean the lenses of our hearts by the soft cloth of taubah and istighfaar.  Now when you look at the people of Allah and sit in their gatherings, the anwaar and barakaat of hidayat will descend upon your heart without any interference, and your sick soul shall acquire cure.”

Batein Unki Yaad Rahengi pg. 34

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