Deeni Majaalis: Sitting and Listening

There are certain protocols for religious gatherings. When we attend such gatherings, we should feel delighted, cheerful, and jovial. There should not be any unpleasantness or dullness in our hearts. There should not be any overbearing or burdensome thoughts in our minds. We should not display tiredness or drowsiness. If we listen to the speaker keeping in mind the above mentioned points then we will benefit and learn and remember what we heard.

I say that those who keep their eyes closed and listen should not sit in front of me. Those who feel sleepy or tired should also not sit in front of me. Looking at these people causes a disconnection in the thought process of the speaker. We should not speak amongst ourselves while a religious speech is carrying on. This also disturbs the speaker greatly. We should not get up from the gathering as well. There should not be disturbances from telephones, cellular phones, alarms and any other type of electronic device. Those people who can not control the feeling of sleep or tiredness then they should sit towards the back. That way the speaker’s chain of thoughts is not interrupted.

Some other points to keep in mind are that everyone should sit close together without there being any gaps in the gathering.  Room should be made for those people who join in later.  If someone gets up for some reason, then that spot should be left for him when he comes back.  If the speech has started, the person arriving should not make salaam, but rather find a place to sit, and then sit quietly.  Those people who have distinction like ‘Ulamaa and others who are well-versed should be made to sit close to the speaker.  That way they benefit more, and it is pleasing for the speaker as well.  When the audience shows interest and listens attentively, the gates of knowledge open for the speaker and everyone benefits.

Batein Unki Yaad Rahengi pg. 35

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One Comment on “Deeni Majaalis: Sitting and Listening”

  1. True Life Says:

    Subhan’Allah, I hope more people would actually act and behave according to these simple guidelines.

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