What Will They Pour Down From the Mimbar?

An ‘Alim and a speaker should be mindful of their actions. Without practicing themselves, their speeches will have no effect. The author of Qaseedah Burdah actually seeks forgiveness for statements not followed by practice. Once, a person came to a saint with their child. The person complained to the saint that the child eats too many sweets, I have tried to explain to him not to, but he does not listen. The person mentioned how worried they are because of this. This person then requested the saint to speak to the child and to make dua’ for him. The saint requested them to come the next day. The person then brought the child the following day to the saint. The saint then advised the child and made dua’ for him also. As they were leaving, the person asked the saint why he asked them to come a day after when the same advice and dua’ could have been made yesterday. The saint replied that I myself till yesterday used to eat a lot of sweets, so how could I advise someone regarding something that I myself was involved in? Yesterday I decided to reduce the amount of sweets I eat, and then I thought to advise the boy not to eat too many sweets so that it may be effective. I then spoke to the child with full authority. When there is no noor in the heart of a person, then what will they pour down from the mimbar?


Malfoozaat of Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahib noted by Maulana Rizwan-ul-Qasmi (RA) during Hazrat Hakeem Sahib’s  visit to Hyderabad, India.

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