Loyalty to One’s Shaikh

It is highly discouraged to be connected to various mashaaikh as long as one’s nisbat with one’s own shaikh is not deeply rooted. One should not visit others for benefit nor barakah. Anyways, once a person’s nisbat is ingrained, they themselves will not want to roam around. The talib or seeker should have this attitude towards their shaikh like a wife has towards her husband. The mureed should not look towards anyone other than their shaikh. One should consider their own shaikh to be the most beneficial person for themselves. This is known as Wahdat-ul-matlab. Just like wahdat-ul-matloob is necessary, similarly wahdat-ul-matlab is also necessary. Although once a person’s nisbat is deeply rooted and firm then these restrictions will no longer apply.

-Kashkol-e-Ma’rifat pg. 144

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