Three Killer Sins

Whoever abstains from these three sins, Insha Allah, abstaining from others sins will then become easy.  They are:

1. Lustful Glances

2. Evil Thoughts (this includes any type of thought that has been prohibited, soo’u-az-zann, kibr, ‘ujub etc…)

3. Gheebah (See the post Islaah-ul-Gheebah)

-Baatein Unki Yaad Raheingi pg. 299

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2 Comments on “Three Killer Sins”

  1. Abu Yahya Says:

    SubhanAllah, Hazratwala has mentioned about the above three sins, that they are the root of most problems in society. This is why when he takes bay`ah, (along with making taubah from all major and minor sins) he specifically mentions these three sins. Two of them have been mentioned in suratul hujuraat; suspicion and back-biting, and evil glances have been mentioned in surah noor. Both surahs focussing on the rectification of public and private life.

  2. True Life Says:

    Subhan’Allah. And they seem to be the heardest to abstain from as well.

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