Where Did All the Auliyaa Go?

It is purely a devilish deception to think and/or say, “Where are there any auliyaa in today’s time? Islam is in the books, and the real Muslims are in their graves.” The day there will be no auliyaa on the earth will be the last day of the earth. The Ahlullah will continue to exist till the Day of Qiyamah. One point to consider is that not everyone will have ability to properly recognize who they are. One should ask those people whom one considers to be pious in their respective areas to guide them to the Ahlullah. Those whom because of their company, the love of Allah comes into the heart, a concern for the hereafter arises, the love of the world decreases, and one’s akhlaaq and a’maal are rectified, then consider that person to amongst the Ahlullah. Hazrat Hakeem-ul-Ummat (RA) would say, “If ten people sit in someone’s company and four or five people become pious due to the company of that person, then consider that person to be a person of barakah and blessing, and amongst the Ahlullah.”

-Baatein Unki Yaad Raheingi pg. 139

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One Comment on “Where Did All the Auliyaa Go?”

  1. Md arfin Says:

    Hazrtwala .i pray 4 your long age

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