Thoughts on the Virginia Tech Tragedy

Although I do not wish to post my own thoughts on this site, but I thought this was necessary for me to mention something I learned from Hazrat Maulana Mazhar Sahib (DB) the son of my Shaikh (DB). We really do feel sorry for all the lives lost and particularly for the Muslims who were killed. May Allah grant them paradise.

One point to be learned from this is that these types of things always occur in secular institutions, colleges, universities, and high schools. NEVER IN HISTORY, HAS AN EVENT OF THIS SORT OCCURRED IN AN ISLAMIC SEMINARY OR ANY MADRASAH OR DARUL ULOOM! While the west has accused our centers of learning to be  places where the people there breed terrorism and violence, why is it that not one single incident can not be reported that a student came into a madrasah and just started shooting. The reason is that they are the fortified fortresses of our Deen. They are the protectors and the heirs of Prophets (AS). On the other hand, we can name many places in secular settings where the lives of many innocent youth were lost. So those of you who go to Islamic schools or madrasas or darul ulooms, be proud that you are being given the opportunity to acquire the inheritance of the Prophet (SAWS).

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