Here and There

Once a person asked the following: A  person is bay’ah to a Shaikh, and receives ta’leem and instructions from another Shaikh either by the permission or without the permission of the first Shaikh.  So who would this person consider to be of more benefit to himself, the first shaikh or the second shaikh?  Hazrat Thanwi (RA) replied that he should consider the second shaikh to be more beneficial but should consider the first shaikh to be the means of the benefit one derives from the second shaikh, and should still remain grateful towards the first shaikh.

This is probably the scenario many people find themselves in where they are bay’ah to a shaikh but due to many reasons are not able to directly benefit from that particular shaikh.  To fill the void, either their shaikh will refer them to one of the khulafaa’ or this person will seek out someone else.  This does not go against loyalty towards the first shaikh provided one still holds the first shaikh in high regard.

-Kashkol-e-Ma’rifat pg. 146

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