My Tongue is Not Fit for Dua

A man came and requested that dua be made for him. Hazrat Thanwi (R.A.) said: “Brother! You too make dua and I will also make dua.”

The man said: “My tongue is not fit for dua.” (In other words, he did not consider himself worthy of making dua.)

Hazrat Thanwi replied: “Do you recite the Kalimah?”

The man said: “Yes.”

Hazrat Thanwi: “The Kalimah has greater blessings than dua. How come your tongue is worthy of reciting the Kalimah? In fact, Shaitaan made dua at the very time when he as being cursed by Allah Ta’ala.

He supplicated: “Grant me respite until the day when people will be resurrected.” Allah Ta’ala answered his dua: “You are among those who have been granted respite.”

When even Shaitaan was not deprived of acceptance of dua, how can we be deprived?

The fact of the matter is that Shaitaan has deceived us into believing that our tongues are not worthy of making dua. People consider this attitude to be humility (when in reality it is not).

Extracted from  Mafuzaat of Hakimul Ummah

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