Rain and Knowledge

“It is from the barakah and blessing of knowledge that statements be attributed to those who made them.”

(Jami’u Bayan-il-‘Ilm Wa Fadhlih of Ibn ‘Abd Al-Barr)

Just yesterday, I was going through various little notebooks that I would keep with me while I was still in Madrasah and I still keep one with me even now. Anyways, in one of them I found a small piece of paper on which there was a short article written by my dear friend, Maulana Tameem Sahib (DB) during our second year of the alim course, which was supposed to be published in our school paper but for some reason it was not. So now, with a great sense of honor and fakhr I will present what he had written a few years back. Allah does not waste the effort of the righteous. It is amazing how this article was preserved unknowingly. Had it been published in our school paper then the benefit would have been limited to a few students. It is the ikhlaas and sincerity with which this was written that now it has found its way to the internet where it can reach a far larger audience and be of greater benefit Insha Allah.

The Similarities between Rain and Knowledge

Allah Ta’ala says, “So the flood bears away the foam that rises (collects on the surface).” (Surah Ar-Ra’d, 17)

According to some ‘Ulamaa, the “flood” in this verse refers to knowledge. Allah has likened rain to knowledge for five reasons:

1. Rain descends from the sky; similarly, knowledge also descends from the sky.

2. The reformation of the earth is through water; similarly, the reformation of humanity is through knowledge.

3. Plants and crops do not grow without rain, similarly good deeds and acts of obedience do not come about but through knowledge.

4. Rain is a derivative (consists of) lightening and thunder, similarly knowledge is composed of promises (wa’d) and threats (wa’eed).

5. Rain can be beneficial or harmful; similarly, knowledge can also be beneficial or harmful.

-Kashkol-e-Ma’rifat pg. 289-290

We pray to Allah descend upon us beneficial knowledge, which will cause reformation in our hearts in order to obey Him in hope of His promises & fear of His threats. Aameen.


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One Comment on “Rain and Knowledge”

  1. Abu Yahya Says:

    SubhanAllah, that was a real surprise for me. May Allah Ta`ala reward my beloved Ustadh Shaikh Nabeel for bringing this piece out for the benefit of the readers. Jazakallahu fid-daraini khairaa.

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