Nisbat literally means relationship or connection. A nisbat or connection is a two-way process. It has two ends. In our context Nisbat Ma’Allah (Relationship with Allah) means Allah’s connection with the servant and the servant’s connection with Allah Ta’ala.

The attainment of Nisbat Ma’Allah is also referred to as Husool Ila-Allah (Attained towards Allah). The relationship of Allah with the servant is Allah’s Pleasure with His servant. The relationship of the servant with Allah means constancy of the servant in taa’at (obedience) and involvement in abundant zikr with perfect consciousness.

The signs of the existence of the servant’s relationship with Allah are:

 1.) His restlessness for engagement in obedience and Ibadat.

2.) Total abhorrence for all forms–both zaahir (external) and baatin (internal)–of sin and disobedience.

3.) The servant’s continuous striving to follow the Sunnah.

Extracted from the Malfuzat of Hakimul Ummah Hazrat Thanwi

 By Maulana Tameem Ahamd Sahib (DB) Khalifah of Hazrat Hakeem Akhtar Sahib (DB)

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