Lack of Courage (Himmah)

Experience has proven that the following ways are highly beneficial in strengthening one’s resolve and in overcoming weakness and lack of courage.

1. Association with a Kaamil (expert and qualified) Shaikh of Tasawwuf (Spiritual Mentor or Guide).

The companionship of a Shaikh-e-Kaamil is very beneficial. However, for achieving the benefits of a Shaikh, the mureed’s intention must be sincere.

The mureed, himself must desire spiritual progress and obedience. He must desire to be imbued with detestation for sin. It is essential that the mureed keep his Shaikh informed of the changing conditions of his heart. Whatever the Shaikh prescribes, the mureed should accept and practise accordingly.

2. The second way will apply when the company of a Shaikh-e-Kaamil is not available. In this case, read and study the life-conditions and spiritual strivings of the Ahlullah (the pious servants of Allah). But, never engage in the mystical practices of Tasawwuf which are written in relation to the lives of the Sufis. Yes, readily follow their advices and statements regarding spiritual purification.

3. The third way in which to eliminate weakness of heart and lack of courage are Muraaqabah (meditation) of death and Muraaqabah of the period which will follow death. This form of meditation consists of setting aside at least twenty minutes daily. Meditate in solitude about the events which will occur from the time of Sakaraat (pangs of death) until entry into Jannat or Jahannam. Think about these future events, e.g. the questioning in the grave by the two Angels, the punishment and comforts of the grave, resurrection, the scaling of deeds, reward, crossing the Siraat, etc. 

The attributes of excellence, e.g. zuhd (abstinence from the world), khashiyat (fear of Allah), etc., which are influenced by the development of courage, will attain perfection by means of this form of Muraaqabah.

-Written By: Maulana Tameem Sahib (DB) Khalifah of Hazrat Hakeem Sahib (DB)

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4 Comments on “Lack of Courage (Himmah)”

  1. Abu Yahya Says:

    Hazratwala damat barakatuhum said the common factor in all those people who fail in the path of Allah, is that they do not use their God-given ability of himmah, courage.

  2. Abu Yahya Says:

    NOTE: The above mentioned advice has been extracted from Hayatul Muslimeen of Hazrat Hakimul Ummah Thanwi (rahimahullah).

  3. Nabeel Khan Says:

    No, one does not need the permission or supervision of a shaikh to do the above mentioned muraqabah, but nonetheless, it is always better and it is the safer way to go. With the supervision of a shaikh, one can be rest assured that the muraqabah is being done correctly, and that the person doing it is not causing any harm upon himself, otherwise making muraqabah of such sorts if done incorrectly could potentially make a person very depressed, or it could make them feel like “what’s the point”, and that is detrimental. Long story short, technically anyone can meditate upon death, but when done under the supervision of a qualified shaikh, insha Allah, the margin of error will be very little if not at all.

  4. mkz Says:

    Does one need permission or the supervision of a shaikh for doing the above mentioned meditations?

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