One Benefit of Being Bay’at

In reply to a person’s question, Hazrat Thanwi (RA) said, “The greatest benefit of being bay’at to someone is that the love for the akaabir (elder Mashaa’ikh) increases. Also in the hadith, “A man will be with whom he loves”, along with mahabbat (love), there is a promise of ma’iyyat (companionship/presence) also. Now after listening to this, those who are very the dry rejecters of the path will say that the increase in love for the akaabir is only wishful thinking and unreal, a wahm. We say that even if it is wishful thinking, at least the goal is achieved. Like someone who eats normal roti (bread) and enjoys from it the taste of sheer-maal (a special sweet tasting oiled bread). There is no need for this person to prove that the roti tastes like sheer maal. The purpose has been achieved, i.e. enjoyment in the food. Similarly we don not have to prove that this is a means of attaining that love. Nonetheless, this point is also worth noting that that for some thing to be a means does not necessarily make it a requisite. The love of the akaabir can be attained even without bay’at. One the mention of wahm, I remembered something regarding my teacher Hazrat Maulana Ya’qub Nanotwi Sahib (RA). Once a person came to him complaining of this wahm that he does not have a head. This person always wore a very large turban. Hazrat Maulana Ya’qub Sahib (RA) took off his turban and started to hit this man on his head. The man started to get hurt and was crying and pleading, “Hazrat please stop it hurts.” Maulana (RA) asked him, “Where does it hurt?” He replied, “My head hurts.” Hazrat Maulana Ya’qub Sahib (RA) said, “You claimed not to even have a head.” The man said, “Hazrat I realize that I do have a head.” This man thereafter never was a victim to wahm again. Hazrat Maulana Ya’qub Sahib (RA) was a very wise man.”

-Malfuzaat Hakeem-ul-Ummat Vol. 7 pg. 144 #180

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