Feeling “Spiritual”

Hazrat Hakimul-Ummah Thanwi (rahimahullah) said:


People now consider spiritual states of ecstasy (kaifiyyat) (and “feeling spiritual”) to be the goal of Sulook (Tasawwuf). Even animals at times experience certain conditions of ecstasy when influenced by music and singing.


Once an expert charmer, in a challenge, defied his opponent, saying, “You will be able to measure my expertise and excellence when you behold the wild beasts of the jungle, subservient under the sway of my influence. Let us go to the jungle and sing our songs. At that time, I will put a rope around the neck of every animal. It is left then to you to remove the ropes from their necks.”


They went into the forest and the charmer commenced his enchanting singing. So alluring was his singing, that wild animals came out from all directions, and submissively stood in is presence. He took hold of the animals one by one and put a rope around each one’s neck. He than stopped singing; the animals scattered and disappeared into the forest.


He then challenged his rival to start his singing, gather the animals and remove the ropes. However, he was rendered helpless.


Emotional states are common to both man and beast. Such states in man, therefore, do not represent any achievement or excellence.


Extracted from the Malfuzaat of Hazrat Thanwi (rahimahullah)

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