Strangers to Good

Hazrat Hakimul Ummah said:


We Muslims have nowadays become total strangers to good culture and morality. An Englishman who had converted to Islam entered the Masjid to perform Salat. He notice that the sewer in which the wastewater flowed was clogged up and dirty. Addressing those present, he advised them to maintain and clean the sewer.


Someone ignorantly retorted, “It seems as if you are still influenced by Christianity, hence, you blabber about cleanliness.” They then cast out the convert from the Masjid.


When other respectable Muslims heard of this incident, they sought to apologize to the convert. They told him not to take this unfortunate incident to heart since those who had rebuked him were ignorant. The convert replied honorably, “What, do you think that I will become disillusioned with Islam and revert to Christianity on account of their treatment? I did not embrace Islam due to the influence of these disrespectful persons. I have professed Imaan in Rasulullah (Sallallahu alaihi wasallam) whose lofty morals cannot be compared with the characters of these people.”

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