Royal Sulook

Hazrat Thanwi’s (RA) style of ta’leem and tarbiyat was such that he did not stress upon spiritual exercises, nor cutting-off of connections and things that one derives pleasure from.  Rather he would say, “Be at ease and live comfortably so that the love of Allah can develop in your heart, and that you feel awaken and fresh.  This will aid you in your worship.  But remember never ever wander about any act of disobedience.  Always be watchful of over your nafs, and use your will-power and courage.  As much as you can bear, and as much as time allows, involve yourself in the zikr of Allah.  Now Insha Allah, the attainment of the goal will be certain.  You neither have to sleep less nor eat less.  These two spiritual exercises are out of practice in today’s time because the very nature of people has become weak.  However, speaking less and intermingling with people less are still necessary, but not so less that the heart feels depressed.  This is royal Sulook” (Ashraf-us-Sawaanih)

Hazrat Thanwi (RA) would meet with his friends and acquaintances in a very casual manner leaving aside unnecessary formalities, and with great simplicity.  During his gatherings, he would often narrate interesting and comic anecdotes.  

Basaa’ir Hakeem-ul-Ummat pg. 57


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3 Comments on “Royal Sulook”

  1. Abu Yahya Says:

    Undoubtedly, eating less has a direct effect in curbing and harnessing the sexual desires, as has been mentioned to us by the Master of all Shaikhs, Sayyiduna wa Habibuna, Rasulullah (sallallahu alaihi wa sallam) who prescribed continuous fasting for an unmarried person.
    But in our day and age, it is not necessarily food and drink which is the leading cause to the increase of passions, although a major factor.
    But in our times, the open nakedness we witness in society, along with intermingling with the oppositie sex, pornography, television, internet, magazines, even in some places bilboards, and other sexual images are what is the main cause in wandering thoughts, evil fantacies, and increase of desires.
    Although the masha’ikh mention that having sexual desires is not wrong, for this is a natural god-given instinct which is just supposed to be harnessed in the correct outlet, i.e. marriage. The purpose is not to make ourselves useless and powerless in this regard.
    Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar (damat barakatuhum) has said that in the previous times the people were very physically strong and had an excess of blood. To such extent that at times they would be compelled to do hajaamah (blood letting) to take out the excess blood otherwise they would get severe headaches.
    Now we see the exact opposite. People lack blood due to which they need to increase blood in their system, rather than take it out.
    It is because of this that our Shaikh, and Hazrat Thanwi rahmatullahi alaihi have advised to get a full-night’s sleep, have a good exercise daily (at least by walking after fajr for a few minutes) and eat healthy.
    Now that this has been understood… Our masha’ikh strictly emphasize the guarding of the eyes from lustful glances, and the heart from sexual fantacies more than all the other remedies. And logically, this is much more pratical than anything else. Because if a person is eating less and sleeping less, but at the same time casting lustful glances and intermingling with attractive faces and forms, then of what benefit is eating less and sleeping less?
    Thus, for an unmarried man or woman in America the best remedy is a connection with the Creator, by guarding the eyes and increasing one’s spirituality. And the best way to attain this is through connecting oneself with a proper spiritual guide. InshAllah the path will not only become easy… it will become enjoyable.
    was salaam

  2. Nabeel Khan Says:

    Wa’laikum Assalaam,
    The comment was made in reference to people in general. For specific advice, I would recommend that you contact a Shaikh that you have compatibility with, and are comfortable with, and then discuss your situation with that Shaikh. Not every unmarried man in America is the same. I am not trying to dodge your question. I think that ta’alluq with a Shaikh will give you some clarity in regards to your question. If I answer this question based on the criteria of just being unmarried and in America, and and someone fits the general criteria, but has some other specific reason that would prevent his spiritual growth because I was unaware of it, then eating less or sleeping less might be detrimental. Therefore, the whole picture needs to be presented. If you deem it proper, you can contact me using the methods mentioned in the “Contact Information” page, and we can then discuss this issue in further detail. As for the implication of not sleeping less and not eating less, Hazrat Thanwi (RA) was explaining that these two acts as a course of spiritual exercise are not required in today’s time. The Ahlullah of the past used to advise their followers with four spiritual practices:
    1. Eating less
    2. Sleeping less
    3. Talking less
    4. Intermingling with people less
    Hazrat (RA) was showing his method of revival (Tajdeed) in this field with that comment.
    Nabeel Khan

  3. f Says:


    “You neither have to sleep less nor eat less.”
    Not exactly sure what this comment implies, but for a common unmarried man in America like me, would you advise on sleeping less and eating less….. especially to control the carnal desires?

    Jazakallahu Khair in advance.

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