The Ahlullah and Their Status

Sometimes the physical external body (zaahir) of the Ahlullah is so weak that even if a mosquito were to bite them they would be distressed and disturbed. However, their internal condition (baatin) is such that it contains the seven heavens within itself. Therefore, one can not truly estimate the power and the vastness of the internal condition (baatin) of the Ahlullah. In terms of the level of their physical beings, they are with the rest of creation, but in terms of the level their souls, they are constantly in the presence of Allah. So why then would their souls not be able encompass the seven heavens! The average intellect is not capable of truly recognizing the status, position, states, and conditions of those that are in the proximity of Allah.

O person, you have not even seen Sulaiman (Alaihis Salaam) so how then could you ever understand the speech of the birds? What is meant is that the level of proximity that the Ahlullah have with Allah is not something everyone can gauge until a person adopts the company the Ahlullah and learns how to truly love Allah, and learns how to tread the path to Allah (sulook). In other words, with the advice of a Shaikh Kaamil, this person will implement the commandments of Allah, and abstain from His prohibitions, and follow the Sunnah, thus reaching such levels of proximity that at this moment one can not even begin to imagine.

I pray that Allah out of His sheer grace and generosity grants all of us this great blessing. Aameen!

Dars-e-Mathnawi pg. 350-351

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