A Unique an Effective Muraqabah for Guarding the Gaze

(September 22, 1997, 9:45 am on the platform of a railway station)

Hazrat Hakeem Akhtar Sahib (DB) said, “If by looking at a white or black Christian women, and you think low of them, or if you become inclined towards them, then immediately turn your gaze away from them. Then say to Allah, “These are the daughters of the Prophets (Alaihimus Salaam), they are the daughters of Adam (Alaihis Salaam). O Allah, grant them Iman.” This has two benefits: 1. You will fear looking at them with lust because you would feel ashamed to stare at the daughters of the Prophets (Alaihimus Salaam) in this manner. 2. Allah will become happy that my servant cares so much about My creation that he prays for their guidance, and because of this, Allah will grant this person His love.

Mawaahib-e-Rabbaaniyah pg. 231

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