An Increase in the Love for One’s Spouse is a Sign of Taqwa

Question: I have noticed that I find myself often thinking of my wife, and for some time now, I feel that my love for my wife has been on the increase.  So please inform me of what would be best for me, and kindly let me know if this increase in love towards my spouse is harmful for me or not.

Anwer:  This in reality is the “Sunnat ul Allah” (custom of Allah).  May Allah bless both of you with the noble fruits of these feelings. When taqwa increases, the love for one’s spouse also increases.” -Hazrat Thanwi (RA) from Tarbiyat us Salik part one page 552)
Note:  When someone develops “love” or it  increases for someone who is not your lawful spouse, then you have not even come close to getting even whiff of taqwa. Please refer to the posts under “spirtiual diseases and their remedies” for further details on the disease and for methods of treatment.

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