My Wife/Husband Bothers Me :(

Once a person wrote to Hazrat Thanwi (RA), “Please make dua’ for my wife because she bothers me a lot.”  Hazrat Thanwi replied, “Do not be so worried if your wife bothers you.  This is a form of mujaahadah (spiritual struggle) in which you receive reward from Allah, so let her continue to bother you.  In other words, what’s the big deal?.”

Tarbiyatus Saalik vol. 1 pg. 432

Note:  This is in no way a license for wives to start troubling their husbands.  And Although this particular episode dealt with a wife bothering her husband, the same could be said more or less about a husband bothering his wife.  Either way, husbands and wives should learn firstly not to trouble and bother one another.  But if this occurs, they should also learn to be patient with one another and realize that Allah will reward them for their patience.

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