A Sign that the Mureed is Deprived

The father who is constantly crying and trying to make his son understand and is explaining to the son that O my dear son, don’t be in bad company, don’t commit sin, don’t involve yourself in shameless, vile, and lewd acts. Don’t do anything contrary to hayaa’. The father has so much pain in his heart that he is even crying. This son is a zaalim (an oppressor) if he makes his father’s tears go to waste. Similarly, that mureed is also a zaalim who does not understand the pain of his Shaikh. He does not understand what the Shaikh wants and expects from the mureed. The condition of the mureed should be such that,

I sacrifice my life for you. I do not know what loyalty is.

But here, forget life, one urge, one desire, a detestable act, the mureed cannot leave, and lacks the required himmah and strength. Is this loyalty?

The Prophet (Sallallahu alaihi wa Sallam) asked the Sahabah (Radhiyallahu Anhum) that you wear your clothes but in the desert there are many trees with thorns, so how would you carry yourselves? They replied that we would watch their clothes and bring them together (be mindful of them so that they don’t get stuck in the thorns). This dunya is a thorny place. Whoever does not protect themselves, then their clothes of modesty and hayaa’ will be torn. This is why I implore you by the name of Allah, remember! Fear the anger of the tolerant one! (Hadeeth). Be aware of that person who is very tolerant and forbearing fear this person’s anger and wrath. Otherwise, when this person will become angry, and he implements his anger, then all will be lost, and then he won’t even look at your face till qiyamat. That is why one should be mindful of displeasing a tolerant Shaikh.

Ya Arham ur Raahimeen, Ya Maula e Rahmat ul lil ‘Aalimeen pg. 8-9

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