The Descent of Spiritual Blessings Upon the Baatin of the Ahlullah

Once while Hazratwala (DB) was resting in his room where he was staying in South Africa, there were some special Ulama present with him.  During his discussion with these prominent Ulama, Hazratwala said the following,

“One who becomes an ‘aashiq, a lover of Allah, finds within himself the combined beauty of all the beauties of the universe, all the love of all the lovers of the universe.”  Addressing his special attendant, Hazrat Meer Sahib (DB), Hazratwala, said, “Meer Sahib (DB), these matters are to be understood not only by words.  Make a focused effort to with courage by guarding the gaze from being cast onto the beauty, protect the heart from being occupied by beauty, then only will the heart experience this condition.  At any given moment one will then experience the descent of Allah’s manifestation, the pleasure of which language falls short in conveying.”

Subhaanallah!  Such words can only be said by one who has experienced these types of feelings.  We pray to Allah that he grants us the taufeeq to continue to benefit from the barakah of our Shaikh, and to grant us even a drop of the ma’rifat of Allah that he has attained.  Aameen!

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