Hazrat Maulana Hakeem Akhtar Sahib’s (DB) Level of Annhiliation

It is the responsibility of the Shaikh to forgive those that are close to him because he also needs to make sure he is forgiven on the Day of Judgment.  The Shaikh should not think of himself as superior to his mureeds.  He should think of them as princes and princesses in the sense that the king has ordered him to scold them for their benefit.  But this person is always looking towards the king to see if the king is displeased or not and to see that the discipline was not out of line.  These are Hazrat Thanwi’s (RA) words.  He says, that islah is our responsibility, how can we remain quiet?  We put pressure on our heart, and consider ourselves below these people and try to reprimand them.

Altaaf-e-Rabbaani pg. 89

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2 Comments on “Hazrat Maulana Hakeem Akhtar Sahib’s (DB) Level of Annhiliation”

  1. monzur ahmed Says:

    Please send me regular mamulat(zikir) in a prescribed
    form to gradually improve the soul.


    • Nabeel Khan Says:

      Bismihi Ta’ala,
      Dear Brother Monzur,

      If you are connected to a shaykh, I suggest you ask them for a prescription of zikr that would suit you best. I will only advise on making the following zikr which our elders have taught us for the general masses. It is as follows:
      1. The first kalimah 100x.
      2. The third kalimah 100x
      3. Istighfaar 100x
      4. Salawat 100x

      These are to be done daily. Also, after you have completed the above, you should make dua’. I kindly request that you remember this useless one in your prayers as well.

      Jazakallahu khayran,

      nabee khan

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