The Perfection of Love

Allah has spread out all over the earth numerous beauties (beautiful people, both men and women) for the lovers of Allah to perfect and complete their love of Allah.  He then gave us a warning and told us not to look at these beauties.  In this manner, Allah has set the stage for the perfection of His love for His lovers.  Hazrat Maulana Muhammad Ahmad Sahib (RA) used to say:

My love would never have been perfected

Had all my wishes been fulfilled

The job of the lover is to give his life for the pleasure of the beloved.  Our hearts’ desire is to glance at these temporal beauties and to see their forms and figures.  But the Real Beloved wants us to not look at them.  Therefore, if we want to have true love, then keep what Allah wants to be dominant and what break your own desires, and break your own heart, because a servant with all his limbs and organs is still a servant.  When we are the servants of Allah, then our hearts are also subservient to Allah, our eyes, our ears, and our tongue.  So, do not make these body parts God, but rather keep them as servants of God, and say, “O Allah, the etiquettes of loyalty to You demand and require that we will break our own hearts, but O  Allah, we will never displease You by attaining unlawful pleasures.”  This is the only way to attain perfection in one’s love for Allah.

‘Ataa’-e-Rabbaani pg. 11

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One Comment on “The Perfection of Love”

  1. sayeed shariff Says:

    subhanallah, simply beautiful.

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