“The Mark”

“Person A prays tahajjud all night but does stay in a state of taqwa, while person B does not pray all night but stays in a state of taqwa.  Person B does not spoil a single glance, and not even for a moment does he disobey his Master.  I swear by Allah, while I am fasting, while being in Al-Balad Al-Ameen, i.e. Makkah, that this person’s noor is so strong that due to the pain in his heart (dard-e-dil) it could cause ripples in the earth, and an entire creation could be satiated and satisfied through it.  My Shaykh (RA) used to say that when the heart fills up with the noor of Iman and taqwa, then it spills from the heart and pours out from the eyes, it begins to radiate from the face.  This is the tafseer of “Their Mark” (seemaa hum) from Surah Al-Fath.  It is mentioned in Ruh-ul-Ma’aani that seemaa is a light which manifests itself upon the worshipers.  It originates from their baatin and manifests itself on their zaahir.  “The Mark” is that noor that fills up on the hearts of My lovers.  It spills from their baatin over to their zaahir.”

Mawaahib-e-Rabbaaniyah pg. 22

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