Repentance Accepted

“The human being is not infallible, man is prone to error, but when a mistake is committed, cry to Allah so much that the  mistake becomes a means of a boon from Allah.  A person once asked, “How much should I cry over my errors, how much should I repent?  In the end, there should be some sign that my repentance has been accepted.”  I replied, “Yes, there is.  When you shed some tears and sincerely repent from your heart, then you will feel a coolness in your heart.  This is the sign that one’s repentance has been accepted.  Sin burns up the heart with fire, so when the torrents of Allah’s mercy descend, the fire will be put out, and as if a voice from within says, “Do not cry any further.”  This is how one can tell whether or not their repentance has been accepted or not.”Mawaahib-e-Rabbaaniyah pg. 42

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