Islah: The Correct Approach

The meaning of raabitah/ta’alluq and connection with a Shaykh has been misconstrued in the minds of most people.  Most people think that to connect one’s self to a Shaykh means to go to a Shaykh and immediately request him for bay’at.  This notion is completely erroneous.  In the path towards islah and tarbiyat, bay’at is considered to be Sunnah or mustahab by some, whereas the reformation of one’s zaahir and baatin is Fardh ‘Ain, i.e. mandatory on every individual.  Raabitah/ta’alluq means that a person goes to a Shaykh and says, “Hazrat, I commit such and such sins, I am involved in these external sins, and these internal sins.  I am unable to perform these external and internal faraai’dh and waajibaat.  Therefore, please come up with a solution for me so that I am able to fulfill my faraai’dh and waajibaat and abstain from all those sins which I am currently involved in.”

To get to this stage, one must first seek permission from a Shaykh to develop a connection with him.  After permission is granted, a person can then keep contact with the Shaykh via telephone, or letters, e-mail etc.  One should inform the Shaykh of each an every condition one experiences.  The Shaykh will then counsel the person, and then this person should carry out the advice of the Shaykh.  After implementing the advice of the Shaykh, the person should then inform the Shaykh again of their condition to see if there has been any improvement.  This in essence is what is called “Islahi Ta’alluq”.

To realize what one’s conditions are, one must analyze and assess how one spends their days from morning to the evening.  One must check to see how one reacts and deals with different people.  In regards to one’s dealings and interactions, some are good, and others are bad.  So one needs to refrain from dealing with people in a bad manner, and if one cannot, then one should inform the Shaykh of this condition and then act on the advice given by the Shaykh.

In this manner, a time will come when a person will notice that goodness is prevailing and is becoming dominant in one’s nature, while evil and vices are decreasing.  This will also lead to moderation in one’s temperament, and to a deeper connection with Allah.  At this stage, sometimes, the Shaykh himself suggests for the person to become bay’at or the person them self will request the Shaykh to become bay’at by saying, “Hazrat, please initiate me into the silsilah so that I can derive barakah from this silsilah.”  So, in this manner, the Shaykh will then accept the bay’at of the person and will initiate them into the silsilah, but there is no time limit on this.  It could be immediately, or after a month, a year, a couple of years, or even after a few years.  Being bay’at is Sunnah or mustahab at the most.  If a person their whole life does not become bay’at, then too he will not be sinful.  The actual aim is the islahi ta’alluq which is necessary.

We pray that Allah out of His immense grace grant us the ability to become more focused towards our own islah, and that He reforms our zaahir and baatin, and that He fill our hearts with His love, and cleanses our hearts from the love of anything or anyone other than Him.  Aameen! 

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2 Comments on “Islah: The Correct Approach”

  1. mkz Says:

    Mashallah, this is indeed a very valuable post.
    May Allah Tala reward you.
    Btw, there is a typo in the second to last paragraph.
    It is written “…but there is not time limit on this.”
    I think you meant to write “no” and not “not”.
    Was salaam

  2. Abu Yahya Says:

    JazakAllahu Khairan Shaikh Nabeel for this very clarifying and mind-opening post. There are many misconceptions, nonsensical superstitions, and backwards priorities laid down in regards to bay`ah. There is a lot of ifraat/tafreet. MashAllah your very comprehensive post clarified all of that.

    I forwarded this post as an e-mail to many people who are either lazy to go on this BLOG or just don’t know about it. There were many positive responses and people benefited greatly. May Allah Ta`ala reward you and strengthen you. It is through our mashayikh and the teachings of our pious elders that we understand this path otherwise we would truly be lost, thinking to be guided.

    jazakallah fid daraain

    was salam


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