Hazrat Hakeemul Ummat, Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (rahimahullah) said:

“If someone raised on objection or expressed a doubt when Hazrat Haji Saheb had given a discourse on any subject, he would comment:

“This is not a Madrasah. This (what has been explained) is for practicing. Give practical application to it and then observe the result.”

Madrasah Ustads have the practice of disputing and entertaining objections. On the other hand, the Arifeen feel suffocated by such questions and answering. Those who are engrossed in action, discern the reality and truth. Their condition is unlike that of the general public. They (the Arifeen) are in peace and contentment.

Hazrat Haji Saheb (i..e. Haji Imdadullah) detested questioning and answering. Since the truths and unveiled realities (of the Deen) were in front of him, there remained no doubt and uncertainly. If it is said to a person that the sun has risen, and he, instead of accepting, initiates an argument seeking proof for the rising of the sun, the repugnance and frustration which such disputation will cause are quite apparent.

The degree of certainty and conviction which the people of insight (the Arifeen, the Auliya) have regarding haqaa`iq (realities and transcendental truths) is like the certainty which a man has regarding the identity of his father in which he has no doubt.

In fact, the degree of certitude of the Arifeen is higher because there exits the possibility of doubt in a certain man being one’s father. Indeed, such a higher degree of certainty and clarity is a wonderful favor of Allah.

Extracted from the Malfoozat of Hakeemul Ummat

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