Two Gems From the Fountain of Wisdom

Hazrat Hakimul-Ummah Maulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (rahimahullah) said:

“Two things are very beneficial. If a person adopts them, he will not go astray.

One: He should annihilate his personal opinion.

Two: He should not hanker after results in his spritual activities; zikr, shaghl, ibaadat, etc.

He should act according to the instructions of his Shaikh (Spiritual Guide). Hazrat Haji Imdadullah (rahmatullah alaihi) usually commented: “The Taufeeq (Divinely granted¬†ability) to do good, in itself is a great wealth.”

[The above advice pertains to spiritual and moral reformation where one is following the guidance of a qualified Shaikh who is an expert in the field of spiritual reformation. The mureed (disciple) should submit to his Shaikh’s instructions and abandon his personal ideas and opinions.]

(Extracted from the Malfoozat of Hakimul-Ummah)

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