Zikr: The Right Reason

Hazrat Thanwi (rahimahullah) commenting on the need for absolute purity of niyyat, i.e. Ikhlas, said:

“A mureed living with his shaikh for a very long while was always engaged in zikr and shaghl. However, despite the abundance of zikr and shaghl, the shaikh did not notice any improvement in the mureed’s spiritual condition.

Once the inquired: “What is the motive for this zikr and shaghl?”

The mureed said: “So that I could be of benefit to others.”

The shaikh said: “Indeed, this intention is shirk. You must immediately repent.”

The mureed repented and shortly thereafter special fazl of Allah Ta`ala began to imbue the heart of the mureed.

Indeed the tricks of the nafs are extremely subtle. Man sees deception of his nafs only after great difficulty. (But with the assistance of the shaikh all this becomes easy and the tricks of the nafs quickly become apparent to oneself.)

(Extracted from the Malfoozat of Hazrat Hakimul-Ummah)

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