Guidance Granted

To think one can manage on one’s own

Is the easiest trap to fall in.

A concept that took a long time to learn,

That took a long time to fully sink in.

When my Shaykh entered my aimless world,

I was taught the purpose of my living and breathing,

The purpose for which I was created.

I then became one to begin to strive to achieve the goal.

Heinstructs me for what I need to do,

In order to attain the pleasure of Allah.

He guides me throughout my journey

Is there to support me every step of the way.

I have discovered a world

In which light shines upon me from all sides.

A world where I am granted a peace of mind,

Where tranquility descends upon me.

Through His continuous effort, tolerance, and patience,

He has brought me to the point where I am today.

Over the course of the past several months,

I have been continuously taught many valuable teachings.

We often hear the saying

“One can’t have it all.”

Throughout this journey sacrifices need to be made,

Changes need to be inculcated,

Struggling with one’s nafs is a given…

But who ever said this journey was easy?

The words of Allah, The Most Exalted

“Verily, with every hardship comes ease!”

Putting in some extra effort now

Will surely pay off in the long run…

Along with the du’as of a caring and devoted Shaykh

What more can one ask for?

A Student

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2 Comments on “Guidance Granted”

  1. Here’s a link to a poem in praise of Hazrat Hakeem Akhtar Daamat Barakaatuhum:

    And an ode to his Khalifah, Moulana Yunus Patel Daamat Barakaatuhum:

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