The Admirable

Who would ever think

That there would exist such a person

Who has equal or more love

Than the love of one’s parents?

Who would ever think

That there would exist such a person

Who is concerned to the extent

That he would sacrifice his entire night’s sleep in order to help you?

Is it possible

That there is a human on this Earth

Who possesses such tolerance

That even when one commits a major sin

He shows no sign of disappointment,

Instead he explains a solution so that on can get rid of the disease

So that one does not commit the same mistake again.

Can one’s imagination even grasp the fact

That there is a servant of Allah

Who has so much patience

That even with the slowest person

He never gives up.

And is always there no matter what time it is,

Or how small or severe a problem may be.

Who has ever seen a person

That cares so much

That he goes as far as he can

To see his students progress in life.

I can say with certainty

That such a person does exist,

But there may not be another

Anywhere in the world

Who can match up to the likes of this man.

He sacrifices anything and everything

Just to see his students progress.

He is concerned ever so deeply

That because of his concern and worry

At times all sleep at night is lost.

He cares so much

That the pain the students feel…

He feels it too.

He has so much patience

That we go on doing one wrong thing after the other

But he will show no sign of disappointment.

Instead he just laughs it off

And says that this stuff will take time.

On the other hand,

Us ungrateful mureeds,

Show little or no appreciation,

For the amazing Shaykh that we have been blessed with…

The greatest blessing anyone could ever receive…

The most precious gift anyone would be stupid not to cherish.

Our Shaykh is The Admirable Shaykh.

No one could ever measure up to him…

No one could ever even come close…

A Student

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