Returning Back from the Gates of Hell

A life comprised of disobedience.

A life led of rebellion.

I had purchased myself a one way ticket to Hell.

Paved the way to my eternal destination.

I let Shaytaan lead me,

By fulfilling the desires of my nafs.

I was headed straight for the scorching fire…

Straight to the dreaded pits of Hell…

Until one day…

A spiritual guide was sent to me,

I became blessed to see the light…

My world no longer remained darkened.

My Creator chose for me,

A way for me to turn back…

A way for me to start new…

A way to break through from the trap I was in.

It was tough.

It required a lot of effort.

Hard work and focus were the two main elements.

By the grace of Allah,

I was granted a patient spiritual mentor,

One who cared so deeply,

Of which no bounds could be seen.

One that was willing to put up with my foolish behavior,

One that was willing to make a change.

No matter how much energy it would consume.

Or how much disappointment he would have to endure.

Bit by bit…

Slowly, but surely with time…

The effects had started to take place,

And a brighter future could be seen in store for me.

A Student

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