Neither will I nor My Friends Have It!

Once our beloved shaykh, Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahib (DB) was presented with some fine food by one of his acquaintances.  The food however was from a gathering that was against the Shari’ah.  The man came and presented the food to Hazrat, and Hazrat politely declined.  The man said that he was forced to provide food to the guests in that manner.  Hazrat remarked, “Well there is no one forcing me to accept it.”  The man then said that if you will not accept it, at least give it to your attendants.  At this, Hazrat very boldly said, “That which I consider harmful for myself, I will not allow my friends to have it also!”

Subhanallah! The light of knowledge and the path of the love of Allah is shown to us here.  Hazrat does not compromise when it comes to the laws of Allah and the Sunnah.  We pray that Allah grants all of us a share and portion of the noor the Ahlullah possess.  Aameen!

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