No Reckoning for the People of the Shade

It has been narrated in the hadeeth that on the Day of Judgment, seven types of people will be given the shade of the throne of Allah on such a day when there will be no shade other than the shade of His throne.  The question might arise: “Will these people also have to give accountability for their deeds?”  The answer to this is that to be given shade on that day is a form of great honor and nobility.  Being given this level of honor is itself a proof that they will have no reckoning on that day.  The reckoning will be for those who are not under this shade.  Where there is shade there is no reckoning, and where there is reckoning there is no shade.

 Mawaahib-e-Rabbaaniyah pg. 377

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3 Comments on “No Reckoning for the People of the Shade”

  1. ibrahim Says:

    “for the one that sheds blood for the sake of allah and dies a martyr, there shall be no life for him in the grave but he shall be of the birds of jannah”
    said our beloved prophet (saw) (how beutiful)

  2. Abu Yahya Says:

    1.) The Just Ruler…
    2.) The young person who grows up in the worship of Allah…
    3.) Two people who love each other for the sake of Allah: who meet for His sake and depart for His sake…
    4.) The person whose heart is attached to the masjid…
    5.) The person who is invited to commit illicit sexual relations by someone of status and beauty and refuses saying: “I FEAR ALLAH”…
    6.) A person who spends in charity, so secretly that the left hand does know what the right spent.
    7.)The person who remembers Allah in solitude and sheds tears (in his love and or fear).


  3. Osama Says:

    Assalamu ‘Alaykum,

    Can you tell us who those people will be…

    JazakAllahu Khairan

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