A Real Mureed

Just two days ago, I was listening to a lecture of my Shaykh, Hazrat Mawlana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Sahib (DB) which he had given in the khanqah in Karachi in 2000. One point that really stuck with me is a statement that Hazratwala (DB) made towards the end of the lecture. This statement pierced my heart and got me thinking. I began to examine myself and came to this realization that how much more I need to raise the bar and that my standard is very low.

Hazratwala (DB) said, “Mureed woh hai jisko dekh kar Shaykh yaad aaye.” In English that means something to the following effect: “A real mureed is one who when looked at reminds the onlooker of the shaykh.”

The following questions came to mind…How well do I represent my Shaykh? Do I fit that description or not? These are some serious points that all those people who consider themselves to be mureeds of any Shaykh should ponder over.

May Allah grant us the ability to become true and real mureeds. Aameen!


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2 Comments on “A Real Mureed”

  1. Azghanvi Says:

    JazakAllah for such great lesson.

    One more teaching of hazrat wala which i learned from friend: Be Mureed of Shaikh, Keeping Allah tala your murad (need).

    If a person is committing sin, his murad (need) is his Nafs and not Allah Tala.

    It means for that time, person doing sin is not presenting himself as a mureed of shaikh.

    May Allah tala make & keep us mureed of shaikh for sake of Allah tala for every second of our life.

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