Objecting Against the Ahlullah

There is not deprivation at the door of the saints but the condition is that there must be no malice and enmity in the heart. Mullah Ali Qari (Rahimahullah) states in Sharh Mishkat: Whoever objects to his Shaikh and looks at him despisingly, will never be successful.

Maulana Abrarul Haq Sahib (DB) said that a Mureed (disciple) traveled with him. Hadhrat had delivered a lecture at night and became exhausted. He rested. Allah regards the rest (sleep) of the Ahlullah as worship. Maulana Gangohi (Rahimahullah) said that if a person’s carpenter makes a door and his tools wear out, and he repairs them for an hour, he will have to pay the carpenter because the latter used them for his sake. Thus, the Ulema of Deen who use their heads and tire them out for religious work, their sleep is also counted as worship. If Allah wills, he will grant them reward for sleeping as well.

So Hadhrat said that the disciple wrote a letter to him saying that because Hadhrat did not perform his tahajjud salah in the train whereas he being the disciple performed it, he was abrogating his pledge (Bay’at). The disciple said that his worship was more than the Shaikh’s worship. If only the wretched person realized that the two raka’at of the Maulana and all other saints, are better than our hundred thousand raka’ats. Their sleep is better than our staying awake, our awwabeen, ishraq, and tahajjud. Hadhrat Hajee Sahib (Rahimahullah) used to say that the two raka’at of an arif (one who has full recognition of Allah) is better than one hundred thousand raka’at of a non-arif. Those who harbor objection against the Ahlullah remain deprived.

The Path to Sainthood; pgs.23-25

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