Guidance to Those who do not have an Islahi Connection through Attending Majaalis

Hadhrat Wala said:

The following has been inspired in the heart today. Those who are not formally involved in self rectification, but who keep in contact with the Saaliheen, the pious, who attend their gatherings are advised to recite one Tasbeeh of Durood Shareef, one Tasbeeh of Kalima Tayyibah, and one Tasbeeh of ‘Allah, Allah’. If they are unable to act upon all three together, they should at least start off with at least one of them. Insha Allah, this will become the means of increase and advancement.

Elucidation by the compiler:

There was a great need for this advice to be given so that those who are not actively involved in formal self reformation can be put onto some form of Zikr and Fikr, some form of Allah’s remembrance and meditation. This was a constant concern which has been dealt with by this advice of Hadhrat Aqdas (DB) and which has opened the door to progress.

* Majaalis-e-Abrar

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