Regarding Rahmaan, Ask those who are Aware of Him!

Allah Ta’ala instructs us, “Regarding Rahmaan ask those who are aware of Him.’

Majnu was defective in his recognition for he remained embroiled in the love of Layla because he unfortunately did not come into contact with one of the knowing or conscious servants of Allah. Had this been the case he would have been informed, “O immature person, who is it that made Layla, Layla?” Majnu’s short-sightedness did not allow him to reach the appropriate conclusion. Our Murshid-e-Paak, Hadhrat Thanwi (RA) rendered the translation of: “Ar-Rahman fas ala bi hi khabeera”, as: “Regarding the splendor of Rahman ask one of the knowing, one who has walked along his path.”

“Proud of my eyes am I, for upon your beauty have they gazed, sacrifice my feet for you do I, for along your path have they tread.”

* Ma’iyyat-e-Ilaahia; pgs.122-123

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