Types of People in Relationship to Guidance

Hadhrat Wala said:

Hadhrat Khwaaja Sahib Ajmery (RA) converted nine million people to Islam while there were those who did not accept Islam on the preaching of Allah’s beloved Messenger (S). The reason for this is that people are divided into five categories, those who are:

  1. Ghaafil – heedless; unmindful
  2. Saa’il – petitioners; seekers
  3. Maa’il – inclined; willing
  4. Jaahil – ignorant; unaware
  5. Mujadil – contentious; argumentative

The first four types of people derive benefit and are guided aright while the fifth do not derive guidance. Those who brought Imaan on the hands of Hadhrat Khwaaja Sahib (RA) belonged to the first four categories. The few who did not accept Imaan at the time of Allah’s beloved Messenger (S) belonged to the fifth group, the Mujadil who do not derive benefit. Shaytaan too, was Mujadil, was Mardood (accursed). The nature of a Mujadil is innate stubbornness.

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3 Comments on “Types of People in Relationship to Guidance”

  1. Afnan Says:

    JazakAllah for such great teaching of hazrat wala, may Allah tala protect all of us from being in 5th category and make us a true saa’il

  2. Faraz Abdul Moid Says:


    I heard somewhere that all disbelievers have some denial in them; and i assume denial comes at least partially from stubbornness. So are all disbelievers considered at least somewhat mujadil?

    • Pearl Says:

      Bismihi Ta’ala
      Brother Faraz Abdul Moid
      Wa Alaykum Assalam

      No, each case will have to be seen separately.


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