The Bowl of Beggars

Allah Ta’alaa has stated in the Qur’an, “O mankind, all of you are beggars to Allah.”  Regarding this verse, I have heard from my Shaykh (DB) that Allah has given every beggar a bowl to beg from in the court of Allah.  That bowl is when we put our hands up to make dua’ to Allah, our hands form a little bowl.  In the west it is commonly known that beggars cannot be choosers, but this does not apply to the court of Allah.  Just look at the things we make dua’ for….We ask Allah for mercy, forgiveness, paradise, protection from hell, and most importantly His pleasure, yet we deserve not even a single one of these things.  Contemplate over how merciful our Allah is that it is stated in a hadith that Allah gets angry at the one who does not ask from Him.  Raise your small bowl in front of Allah, and surely He will grant you big and great things Insha Allah.

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2 Comments on “The Bowl of Beggars”

  1. Alhamdulillah.. we all should make dua to Allah for peace to the whole world..

  2. True Life Says:

    Subhan’Allah, no doubt about that!

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